Celia Lora-style Mia Khalifa raised the temperature on Instagram


The playmate Celia Lora fell in love with their fans in Instagram to post a picture very horny, in which he took a little the style of the former actress triple x, Mia Khalifa, she stands out for her intellectual style, and this time the daughter of Alex Lora wanted to show a similar style.

It was through his official account, where he published the image where he is seen with a few lenses that highlight your penetrating blue eyesin addition, the porta-lingerie with white lace, and a gown with flower print, certainly looks very sexy.

And is that the famous did not let their fans abandoned at this stage of quarantine, because the model has not stopped rising content, so that we keep on entertaining these days that you have to stay at home.


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While Celia Lora has blocked the comments section in your account of Instagram, some accounts of fans have posted the image, and could not fail to be compared to the daughter of Alex Lora with the ex porn actress, especially for glasses.

Yes, the model is one of the consenting of the mexicans, not only for its hot attributes, but also because they belong to the family of the leader of the Tri, which is one of the most popular in Mexico.

Look at the picture of Celia Lora

The model of 36 years old account with more than 5 million followers, who are always on the lookout for their publications, and only have the comments section blocked, but surely their fans do not lost the opportunity to spend some pyrope.

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The image began to be filled with likes by their fans, who recognize the sensuality of Celia Lora, who also confessed recently that he speaks several languages, which will serve to your trip, so that has shown us that its beauty is not fought with the intellect.