Chaos, the covers mobile that use celebrities (without having to pay them for it) | Present, Fashion


Chaos; so define your life the stylists Katie Lyall and Charlotte Stockdale; and so decided to appoint its own brand of luxury accessories, which launched in 2016. Their covers of phone of high quality and custom became a furious pace to the protagonists of the looks of the icons of the fashion world as Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner or Victoria Beckham.

Stylists, co-workers and friends; the tandem of london embarked four years ago on this adventure with the mission of moving the customization to the world of luxury and turn into the object of desire products that we use in our day-to-day: “Our goal was to ensure that the accessories that we used routinely were 100% functional at the same time that desirable”, they confess to S Fashion. Nothing is casual in this firm, and the name is not what it was going to be less. “We decided to call Chaos because we live more and more fast, but at the same time, we love the freedom. That challenge tends to make the chaos”, they say.

We communicate with the world through our way of dress; we are building our identity and to transmit ideals and values. So it is not surprising that the customization of accessories to awaken an interest atrocious on the part of users: “From the beginning we wanted to give the consumer the opportunity to be part of the design process in a territory of luxury customizable”, explain. And if the accessory is to wear our Smartphone, success is guaranteed.

Instagram, the social network and the marketing with influencers have become the weapon of course for the brand; a dynamic showcase through which to approach the consumer instantly and directly. But Chaos was the exception that confirms the rule; for if well for the luxury brand’s uk Instagram was one of the secrets of their success; they recognize it was rather fortuitous: “We’ve never paid anyone to take our accessories. From the start we put all our knowledge and passion to design a product that we fell in love with. And we believe that to them, the same thing happened”. The months of the launch of the signature, the cover of the phone with the initials of the users in XL version became viral among celebrities of the likes of Naomi Campbell, Cara Delevingne, Victoria Beckham or Kendall Jenner.

Remained the closest of friends before becoming partners; throughout his dynamic career stylists british had the opportunity to view the world of fashion from a variety of scenarios; collaborating in publications such as Vogue, i-D magazine or Garage; brands such as the Italian family Fendi, and even in the production of the outfits of the media parade of Victoria’s Secret. We have been incredibly fortunate to work in different fields of the fashion world together with great masters such as Silvi Venturini Fendi or Alex de Betak; the photographer Nick Knight and Karl Legerfeld; there was where we learned to think in another dimension”, they say. After working hand-in-hand with the iconic designer Karl Legerfeld remember that “Karl was so demanding of himself that would always we would like to improve”. What the best advice that he gave them the everlasting German designer? “Do not be afraid and believe in yourself. We will always do”.

Chaos X Fendi: women technology of the new era

The brand went one step further last February by presenting his collaboration with Fendi to your collection, Or/W by 2020. In the same Chaos and the Italian house join forces with the aim of empowering the women of the TWENTY-first century: versatile, off-road and technological. Following the maximum of efficiency and design; in the collection we find everything from jewels of the digital era, covers with unique designs to our telephone or even metallic casks finish premium to recharge the wireless headset.