Chris Evans was going to reject the role of Captain America until his mother intervened


Not only his interpretation of the character has left an indelible mark on the Movie Universe Marvel, but many times their messages on social networks and your kindness in real life have underlined that hardly another actor would have managed to embody Captain America, and it is so undeniable. Chris Evans IS Captain America, but there was a moment in which he was about to not beand that is when Marvel offered him the role, the actor had his reservations.

  Chris Evans as Captain America

In fact, in a recent interview granted to the magazine Esquire, this interpreter has confessed that in the beginning said not to wear the stars and stripes because not convinced by anything that was going to be face in their day-to-day in a matter of famea reflection understandable, which soon lost strength thanks to the that is probably the best advice you have received Evans never.

“His biggest fear was to lose the anonymity”, said Lisa Evans, mother of the actor and the source of that wisdom which so well he came. “I said, “now, I have a career that allows me to do work that I really enjoy. I can go out to walk my dog. No one bothers me. No one wants to talk to me. I can go to where you want it. The idea of losing that terrifies me”, and asked me for advice so I said “look, do you want to be an actor the rest of your life? If you interpret this role you will have the opportunity. Jin addition you will have to worry about paying the rent. If you say yes to this character you have to decide that it does not affect your life in a negative way, because it will facilitate“”. And the rest is history superheróica, one that would not be the same without the moms of the world. This is as well.

A final very emotional

It was for everyone, but especially for Lisa. ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is not a hair cut when seeking a positive outcome to the story of the Capi and he did it with a sense of irresistible to the majority of the fans. Steve was traveling at the time to live next to Peggy the life that was taken from him and returned in his old age after having enjoyed fully with the love of your life. That moment, which brought tears to many, it also made Lisa release a few tears but for a different reason: the Capi of greater seems a lot like the grandfather of Evans. “It was exactly like his grandfather”says Lisa of that scene with his son aged, thanks to the makeup and effects that wrought the miracle. Do you also get the emocionaste?