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The progress of the new coronavirus COVID-19 continue in the world, with the infected by the dangerous virus has already over a million worldwide. But to the couple that the picture dims, we also see daily stories of people who through their actions make a difference: health care workers, law enforcement, workers in markets and supermarkets.

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Hollywood, an industry that has been particularly hard hit by this crisis, has also seen the necessity of taking action to share their ravages. And so it is that celebrities of all kinds have decided to collaborate with his image and with his money in the fight against the coronavirus.

Among the actors that have contributed to the cause is the actor Ryan Reynolds. The star of “Deadpool” and his wife, the also actress Blake Lively, announced in march a donation of$1 million dollars to food banks, Feeding America and Food Banks Canada.

In addition, Mint Mobile, the telephone operator of Reynolds offers free of charge access to unlimited internet between march 15 and April 14, while its line of liqueur, Aviation Gin is donating 30% of their earnings until may 1.

Another actor to note is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former governor of California has partnered with the platform TikTok to provide food to children who rely on school lunch for their nutrition, now that the schools have been closed in the united States. In addition, the star of the “Terminator” has donated US$1 million to Frontline to Respond Fund, on behalf of the workers that are at the forefront against the advance of the disease.

Meanwhile, the actor Leonardo DiCaprio joined forces with the philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs and Apple for the launch of the America’s Food Fund to help the most vulnerable families in the pandemic.

Most of these stories of celebrities contributing to various causes may be found in the gallery attached with this note.

What is a coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can cause infections ranging from the common cold to more serious illnesses, which can be spread from animals to people (zoonotic transmission). According to studies, the SARS-CoV was transmitted from the civet to the human being, while the MERS-CoV went from the camel to the people. The last case of coronavirus that is known is the covid-19.

In summary, a novel coronavirus is a new strain of coronavirus that had not been found before on the human being and owes its name to the aspect, since it is very similar to a crown or a halo.


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