Cuban musician encourages his neighbors of Miami with a spectacular concert from his website during the quarantine


The quarantine by the coronavirus is leaving your step real stories of solidarity and fraternity as is the of this young cuban musician who has pulled out of his talent and art to entertain their neighbors during the confinement.

The violinist Luis Noa, a native of Cruces (Cienfuegos), and a resident of the city of Miami (Florida), has offered its neighbours a spectacular concert from the portal of his house to encourage them through music.

Even though the weather conditions is not accompanied him, the young man set up a tent at the entrance to shelter from the rain and there rode all the sound equipment that accompanied him during his live presentation.

During his performance, Noa gave to his neighbors, a beautiful concert violin giving melody a masterful way to a wide repertoire of songs as The mouse, Alleluia, To dry the malecon the reguetonero Jacob Forever, Seem to Friday the salsa Marc Anthonyor the main theme of the soundtrack of the film “The Godfather”, among many others.

Noa, not only focused on topics dedicated to their fellow countrymen, but also had the finesse to accommodate requests from neighbours of other nationalities, such as Colombia.

Many of the neighbors came out of their houses with umbrellas in hand and rain enjoyed the concert of the cuban always keeping the safety distance with each other.

In addition to delight all with his skill on the violin, the young man also sang to encourage the smaller of the surroundings. Even, he went out to the middle of the street and with mic in hand, and was glad the children in your neighborhood with children’s songs.

Noa, took in addition to his voice to send a message of social awareness to all of its neighbours related to the coronavirus, inviting him or her to follow the safety instructions of the government and to remain in their homes as the primary measure of protection against the pandemic.

“Times are tough, we have to take care of us and do all what the authorities are saying”, “We are living difficult moments and I believe that these two weeks coming are going to be crucial to all of this is going on”, are some of the words spoken by the artist during her recital.

The concert of Noa was transmitted live through his profile in Facebook and within a few hours of its broadcast, has managed to become viral, counting on just a few hours with almost 700 shared within the virtual community.

Noa has not been the only cuban who has used his musical talents to bring joy to his followers of social networks, neighbors, and friends.

A young cuban from the island called Leslie Guzman won the love and applause virtual of thousands of users of Facebook to appear singing on your profile for all those who are in their homes in quarantine due to the spread of the coronavirus.

The young man also went viral on social networks due to her powerful voice and received hundreds of comments in which he thanked for his performance and halagaron his great skill in singing.