David Bustamante is dressed up as a woman. Check out the video! And has hours


David Bustamante | EFE

April 07, 2020
(14:12 CET)

The quarantine that we are going through all he has brought, in many cases, our side more imaginative. There have been just a few remnants and curiosities that these days of confinement have become viral in the social networks.

However, it seems that David Bustamante has gone a step further and, apart from killing time, has decided to put a touch of humor to these hard times. And no, it is not that the singer spaniard has opted to make one of the many challenges that fly through Instagram and Twitter these days, but that directly has opted for dress and makeup as a woman.

The video of David Bustamante

Yes, despite the fact that many have stayed with the open mouth you see, there have been few that have been identified after just a few seconds, so much the makeup as the earrings and the ribbon in your head are nothing more than a filter of Instagram.

So yes, whether real or fake, it seems that this makeup Bustamante liked it so much its more of 1.3 million of followers in Instagram. And they have not been neither more nor less than more than losing 216,000 reproductions which has already achieved the video in question.

As expected also, the number of comments has exploded. Comments such as “Thank you for brighten up my day… today I gave myself a little letdown… it already starts me to overcome,” “And you, why the fuck are you so handsome!!!!!”, “Don’t you get bored lol, all you are left with … well, with all you are handsome hahaha, as you are having fun”, “That handsome you are! You are left with good makeup” or “Hear as a ring of those it doesn’t look bad, the hole you already have, try them to see” as they fly by the nets along with a video of Bustamante that, since then, for sure many of his followers are not going to forget never.