Devastating. “Felipe VI crying.” Letizia does. Last time in Zarzuela


Felipe vi and Letizia in your car

April 07, 2020
(14:35 CET)

Although the coronavirus is covering everything, not to forget the scandal that came to light about the king emeritus Juan Carlos I. We refer to the matter of the alleged 100 million euros that would have charged you in commissions from Saudi Arabia. An information that provoked the reaction of the King Felipe VI consistent in withdrawing the assignment and give up his inheritance.

A response that, according to Jaime Peñafielwould have been taken by the monarch following a discussion very strong with the Queen Letizia.

Peñafiel pokes to Felipe VI

According to the chronicler, what Philip did was a “humiliation”, and the Queen Letizia I would have pressed the issue, using even Leonor to convince you. Felipe VI he ended up “crying”, but agreed to the request of Letizia.

Jaime Peñafiel

The chronicler’s first attack to Felipe by attacking personally to the father by throwing a inheritance to which he was not entitled and castigándole to the humiliation, took life before a notary public and suprimiéndole with a poor me style up to the assignment to which he was entitled”.

“Felipe VI llorando”

And continues with the discussion between Letizia and her husband. “Letiziain a heated and violent anger, with a total lack of the minimum respect, forced him, forced him to break with his father. Not earned the enraged Letizia that Felipe will try to razonarle even crying: It will kill you! He is my father…” says Peñafiel.

A conversation that, according to the specialist in the Royal House, it would have ended with a “Think about your daughter. As is the situation, it will not come to queen”.

Leonor Congress

That’s right: at no time makes reference to the alleged corruption of the king Juan Carlosits great protected. Could it be that for once Felipe did what he was supposed as Head of State?. Ah, no, it was the whole thing of Letizia.