Drake and ‘Toosie Slide’, among the best challenges of TikTok


If you want to succeed in the music world because you don’t have to think exclusively in the promotional tours or the sale of discs: now TikTok has a very important role as a platform of advertising. The social network had about five hundred million active users a month during 2019but all indications are that the quarantine is rising dramatically the consumption and ‘recruitment’ of tiktokeros, with what the challenges also multiply.

We don’t know if Drake he was aware when he published ‘Toosie Slide’, his last success, but since then it looks like something was up to no good for the platform. The own lyrics of the song invites us to perform a special move (which is referred to in the title) and he himself recorded in his casoplón dancing in different rooms.

In a house that looks movie, the singer moves their expensive stays with gloves and maskan artistic license rather than a health need. He also wears a jacket very similar to that which he had put on the day that was photographed next to Rosalie, perhaps because I had not connected the heating of your palace. Go to fabric house…

Despite everything, her catchy refrain has become a challenge very acclaimed throughout the world.. The platform still does not provide definitive data, but Drake adds to a list of hits within TikTok, starting this month with the #10toqueschallenge. The numbers are impressive: 267 million of visualizations takes the challenge in its Spanish version.

Many more have had the #PlankChallenge: at least 1100 million people have participated in or consumed from this challenge of exercise with a partner.

But the one that has carried the palm is that of the hashtag #BoredAtHome (bored at home). 5600 million views to become the dominant trend of TikTok, a virtual place where it seems that the boredom does not exist.

While we may not be able to go out to the street, dancing to TikTok it seems that they are serving therapy to millions of people who are confined at home but eager to go out and have fun. By the way, is also on the rise in Spain #ConciertoEnMiBalcon, that in a few days already has 22 million views.