Drake turns this dance into a viral platform of Tik Tok


One of the issues that the more we call the attention of the social networks are the challenges or challenges, as they are a true success and show the creativity of those who perform it. Yes, we also have to take into account that we are of quarantine without leaving the house, so this is also becoming a way of passing the time. Now we find a new one, in which Drake is the protagonist.

This is a challenge that has become fashionable in the platform, Tik Tok, under the name of ‘Toosie Slide’. What is it exactly? In dance the song of Drake that has the same name, and it does so in a way most peculiar. The couple that simple! And that is another characteristic of a challenge absolutely viral.

And Drake always knows to give the key to their songs become the soundtrack of the challenges that are viral in the recent times. A couple of years ago, the Kiki Challenge was the order of the day. Sure that I will remember because I had to do a dance while leaving a car in gear. After this success, comes the ‘Toosie Slide’… And from home!

A few days ago, this issue of Drake was to be one of the most heard on various streaming platforms. Now it has become viral across the platform that is most successful among young people: Tik Tok. In this way, to be part of this challenge you’ll have to do the choreography that the artist executes in the music video.

As you can see, it is not as dangerous as it can come to be known as the ‘Broken mouths’, that so many disappointments have been given. It is a challenge to simple, fun and that will surely entertain you a lot in this quarantine that we are all going through as a result of the coronavirus.

If you want to put into practice this challenge of Tik Tok, you only have to follow the steps that indicates the own Drake. At first it may appear to complex but, at the moment, you will discover that it is not. Therefore, you should know that this challenge is absolutely suitable for all audiences.

Steps to follow for the new challenge Drake

It is very simple! You only have to give a kick with the right leg, bend that same leg out to the side and draw the heel toward the outside. Once you have done this, you will need to follow a similar process with the opposite leg: Give another kick with the left, slide to that side for the ground to move. All of this with the song ‘Toosie Slide’ in the background. Do you feel like joining this challenge viral?