Dua Lipa and Hailey Baldwin have in common our favorite outfit of Jacquemus


Dua Lipa Jacquemus

Dua Lipa we have found that in addition to having one of the best voices in the industry, also has a style risky that no one could match. A few months ago, she shared the look that you used to go to the brunch prior to the delivery of the Grammy and in terms of what we saw on his Instagram him and remember who brought it first.

It is nothing more and nothing less than the set oversized two-piece with a floral pattern in blue on a white background signed by Jacquemus and that you used first Hailey Baldwin.

The model was captured wandering through the streets of Los Angeles using the set. The add-in with a tshirt white and with a few Air Force Nike that they were going to play.

Hailey Baldwin

For its part, the interpreter of “Future Nostalgia” took it with a Yellow top that left her toned abdomen exposed, and with pointy shoes white. Accesorizó your look with the iconic bag Le Chiquito de Jacquemus white.

The two reflected their style and their personality in the way that complemented the outfit. While the model preferred to take a more carefree and relaxed, the singer took a more formal and echoed her sexy style with the yellow top.

As much Dua as Hailey are big fans of Jacquemus, both have been used on more than one occasion garments signed by the designer, in fact the model has been captured several times using garments and accessories of the French firm.