Emilia Clarke raffles off a dinner with her for those who participate in your fundraising


The actress Emilia Clarke, Khaleesi in Game of Thrones, has once again become the protagonist of the social networks in these last days after the start of an original way to raise funds to fight against the coronavirus, which is affecting more and more people throughout the world.

Only 12 people will access to the dinner

Although the british used to be quite active in social networks, where almost accumulate 30 million followers, with his last publication seems to have no qualms in getting to know their followers. In particular, would be 12 the lucky ones who would have the luck of meeting the very Khaleesi if you collaborate with your campaign.

“Hi all, I have to ask a little thing: what would You like to help me raise funds to fight against the coronavirus? There is a thank you gift if you do so,” he began explaining, through a video where he announces that the requirement is to participate in the raising of $ 250,000 for this fight.

It will be through a draw after the donation

Emilia Clarke doesn’t just stood there and revealed the reward for the lucky ones who are chosen after participating: “What I seem to be able to dine with me? When donéis, you can enter in a link that, randomly, will select the 12 lucky that, in a virtual way, you will join me in a dinner in which cocinaremos and we will eat together while we talk,” he added.

Although for some you will know to little to know to Emilia Clarke via social networking and a video call, what is true is that yes, there are followers that sounds like a good experience and that’s why they are adding up to participate to such a campaign of solidarity.

“We can discuss about various topics. About being isolated and on the fear, but also on funny videos, or good, about the fact that I am not a great cook. Come on, it’s going to be fun and very interesting. I know I’m asking a lot, but I also know that you are people of great heart, and I am convinced that you are going to help me,” he said with his inseparable sense of humor.