For the second year Kylie Jenner is named as the multi-billion dollar world’s youngest


There is No doubt that the world is now living a reality completely different in many ways, the way people live, spend time, study and have fun because it is not even a little similar to that of some twenty years ago, nor what to say of the business. In these times, social networks play a very important role within the world of “business” and to show just a button. The world of YouTube has grown incredibly giving fruits to the generators of content from all over the world, brands, services and products fight a mention within the channels most famous in the world. The same thing happens in Instagramthat has become the social network more profitable, where the label of a major brand can bring many benefits to the and the influencers who can’t get enough of posting her day-to-day to inspire their followers.

One of the twists of the business which has paid off in these two platforms is the world of beauty. The tutorials and reviews of the influencers showing and testing collections of makeup that arise every time accumulate hundreds of thousands of views and likes, in addition to millions of dollars and elevate the careers of its creators. Celebrities like Jeffree Star, Nikkietutorials, James, Charles, and several more have seen their lives change completely due to the makeup, but none like our darling Kylie Jenner who has been named by Forbes as the billionaire world’s youngest.

So, today Forbes released its annual list of The World’s Millionaires, where it lists the work of the wealthiest people on the planet. Last year with only 21 years of age, Kylie Jenner was chosen as the “self-made billionaire of the world,” which means “the billionaire who made herself more famous people in the world”, beating Mark Zuckerberg who was 23 years old when he made his first billion.


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This year, history repeats itself and this time the socialite was placed again topping this list as the billionaire youngest with 22 years of age. However, last year after naming her with this title for the first time, several questioned the fact that Forbes named it as a millionaire “self-made” as his family clan Kardashian Jenner is one of the most famous and richest on the planet.

In response, Forbes said, “So it is, self-made, because despite the fame of her family, she did not inherit your business if not who built it from scratch.”


Starting your career in the world of makeup in the year 2014, quickly turning to his followers of social networks in a potential clientele and dedicated to those who in a matter of minutes to exhaust the sales of the first big print run of 15,000 lip kits.

Remember that what gave Kylie Cosmetics the impulse to get to the top was not the launch of the products that is depleted in seconds or campaigns that flooded the social networks, (although this helped a lot).

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The movement that gave him that push to your company was when you sold 51% of their business to the giant of the beauty Coty Inc. for $600 million dollars. The deal closed in January, raised the value of its brand to nearly $ 1.2 billion.