“Fried it”, the new song that Chocolate MC dedicates to his bride Daine


Everything seems to indicate that the reguetonero cubano Chocolate MC is taking maximum advantage of the quarantine by the coronavirus in your new home in the united States, the country in which she lives since some years ago, and has returned to pick up paper and pen to create some musical themes.

However, on this occasion the muse that fell to the King of all reparteros was not of the “tiradera”, but rather the romantic, because the interpreter has created a new theme that is expressly dedicated to his girlfriend and mother of his daughter Odainys, the cuban Daine.

It is a song that is in the process of creation and that will go on the market music under the title Fried in it. As you can see in the preview that shared the singer of the city with all of its followers of Instagram, the simple brings out their most seductive and plasma some of his deepest feelings toward his girl.

As heard in the audio track, the song describes in his letter how is the love of both of them: “What’s yours and what’s mine is something that does not look like any other relationship. We made a covenant of the heart”, is one of the fragments that he heard singing Chocolate MC.

Daine, for his part, was more than proud of the gift that has made him her boyfriend. So reflected in his profile of the above-mentioned social network to share the post to your partner in the section of stories with a “I Died of love”.

Daine / Instagram

This is not the first time that Chocolate MC has this type of details with Daine, and he opens his heart by putting their fans as witnesses. In November, in the year 2018, the reguetonero also dedicated to his girlfriend a simple, but in this case it was released with name Mojonero but I like you.

The song was released, having as a cover a picture of Daine and in their verses they could read a few sentences similar to Fried in it such as: “mommy, if you to me you leave me, what I say to heart”, “I know that I am a mojonero but I love you, I love you”, “I know you’ve lied, I know that I have failed, I know that I mistreated you but I’m telling the truth”, “I don’t want to miss love for the money, I don’t wanna lose the love for fame, I don’t want to miss love for drugs,” or “we’re Going pa’ bed that I wanted to eat”.