Hailey Baldwin is the reason that Justin Bieber said goodbye to his mustache


The canadian singer has opted for to use the moustache as part of their look on different occasions and, although many of his followers haven’t liked his decision, he has remained firm about sticking to a style that better seems to him.

Despite the fact that it seems that ignores criticism of all those who have raised their disapproval about the choices that makes with regard to your clothes and your look, there is an opinion that has not been able to ignore, the comes from his wife Hailey.

Prior to that, she has asked that you leave that style, orillándolo to shave at least for certain events such as your wedding and, it has also gone against their friends who motivate you to keep the mustache with him. However, recently, the same Justin said he chose to shave for the sake of your marriagesince Hailey was completely against it to continue using it.

Although some followers of Justin we have been grateful to the girl by doing that the face of Justin would once again be visible in its entirety, others have taken it as an invasion to privacy and the freedom of Justin. Do you think that it was good for Hailey to ask you to change your look?