How egalitarian to Kendall Jenner? Pin Montane played with drastic “change of look” for new project | Social Networks


The actress, Josefina Montane opted for a space to publicize the work of the makeup artists the national, via Instagram.

Next to the well-known make-up artist known as Franklin Athos, created Mua Content, a platform that also want to share all I know about makeup and “making visible what is invisible: the process is what is behind”.

In the same line, intended to be a showcase for new talent make-up national, and also “play, get out of the routine and have fun”.

And apparently the team already knows how to do it, as recently shared a series of records of a work of “total change” of Montane.

The actress left her blonde tresses to opt for a mane of long chestnut darkglasses , contact lenses almost totally black (as humanoid) and a makeup-soft, also gave brightness to his face.

“This change of look, I did the talentosísimo @franklinathos for our new Instagram,” said Pin in its first record with this new look. In that same post, said that many people had told him that so resembled the famous models Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski.

Obviously, this change is not definitive, but rather it was a game. That’s why the contact lenses and the wig is brown. Later, yes, shared a version more natural (without the lens) and there were many followers who worshipped this image.

Finally, the actress shared a video in which you see how to removed the wig and contact lenses, giving way to his true image.

It should be noted that Montane will participate in the new tv series the night before, which prepares Channel 13 The tower of Mabelwhere will Florence, who is tied lovingly with “Gaspar Elizondo” (Álvaro Espinoza).