How to wear short dresses as celebrities


Fashion is a constant evolution. And the celebritiesin addition to contributing to that so be it, they are aware of it. However, the short dresses or mini dresses are a garment that have been adopted with fervor in recent times. With appearances of stars in the red carpet the whole world and in the street style of the fashion weeks. Recognized figures such as Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Danna Paola, Eva Longoria and Zendaya, inspire us to enfundarnos in tiny creations that enhance our figure and evoke a feeling of being in love eternal.

In the decade of the 70’s legendary model Twiggy sought to bring the line To your wardrobe. Though the silhouette was classified as ‘aniñada‘ by the newspapers of that time got a resounding success. But the concepts of rebellion and extravagance were not long in coming, staining the outfits of the celebrities in the eighties with ornaments, shoulders pronounced, sparkles, polka dots and leather. How can we forget Madonna in those mini dresses excessively decorated?

Scalett Johansson at the premiere of Marriage Story.

In the nineties the sensuality accompanied the styling of the supermodels, but also did the dresses minimalist praised the movement and the fabrics. After 2000, there was a time in which the sweetheart neckline reigned among celebrities: Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson are proof of this. But the evolution has endeavoured to break into the scene with dresses asymmetrical, elegant mini dressesstyle off shoulder, exceeded lace and with cuts that praised the curves of actresses, singers and models from all parts of the world.

What color takes Selena Gomez short dresses?

Selena Gomez attends the Cannes film Festival a white-coated.

© George Pimentel

From the beginning, Selena Gomez it has been one of the celebrities that gave a love letter in honor of the versatility of short dresses. In his debut as a singer in the American Music Awards 2009 wore an outfit metallic sandals black, later opted for a mini dress red satin with V-neckline and through the years by a myriad of little black dresses.

But the choice of colors has acquired a vivacity remarkable, since it happened to dress mainly red, white and black, to incorporate hues of green and pink in keeping with the trends 2020. For the Hollywood Beauty Awards Selena wore a mini dress pink with sleeves and falls to a styling of hair extremely romantic. While on the show Jimmy Fallon took a piece of pink Miu Miu sandals silver Aquazurra.

Selena Gomez in a dress lime green signed by the Italian house Versace.

© John Shearer

In celebration of the Cannes film Festival last year pulled in a strapless white that suited him phenomenal, with heel needle, and a powerful red lips. But the award is what we give to this dress in lime green with ruffles side signed by Versace. We exalt Serena by to celebrate their curves and have fun with the whole spectrum of pantone.

What material are the short dresses takes Kendall Jenner?

Kendall Jenner has become the modern image of the nineties, in the current version of the unforgettable spirit Tom Ford for Gucciwith a sexiness overflowing and a minimalism that appears at times to create looks of high impact. In this way, it is not casual that in your record appear dresses camiseros or short style blazer made of satin, silk and leatherone of the infallible of the season.

Though in some occasions, as in the recent fashion week Milan we have seen in a outfit sober comprised of a collared dress closed black, boots, cane-half and a trench coat XL, contrasting boldly with this lencero lace pink and gold that has worn to beautify your silhouette during an evening in the city of New York.

What details brings Danna Paola dresses short?

Danna Paola is usually to opt for a dress full of sequins.

© NurPhoto

The mexican singer has gotten in his concerts and presentations of the successful series ‘Elite’ to dazzle their followers with eye-catching short dresses. Does your peculiarity? usually teeming with sequins, and matching elegant stilettos. Danna paola we help clear the doubts about the versatility of this outfit, which can be worn on multiple occasions if he merges with the styling suitable. Although recently he has left the area comfort by opting for a dress tweed with gold chains for his appearance as a judge on a talent program in mexico.

How does Eva Longoria short dresses?

Eva Longoria dazzles in a dress strapless.

© JC Olivera

The american actress conceived looks perfect for women bajitas at the same time gives us a lesson on how to wear short dresses, word of the little black dress that has excelled in Beverly Hilton. If you are petite or mides of 1.60 do not hesitate to take a look at this design of Vitor Zerbinato, which is not extremely short, if not that you have a optimum extension to lengthen the figure. In addition, the tail that falls on the back gives it an elegant detail, while contributing to estilizarte.

How to wear short dresses according to Zendaya?

The actress of the series Euphoria in an alternative sophisticated for special events.

© Vittorio Zunino Celotto

Two years ago the actress of the series Euphoria decantaba by constructions with rigid, bulky, and challenging, but in recent months the outfits with which he has attended events and red carpets, he was awarded the title of it-girl. Do our elected? That romantic dress with delicate transparencies in the form of ruffles in a shade of white purity with stilettos doing game and that led to the Haute Couture of Fendi, a manual of how to wear short dresses with sandals in an elegant way.

While these looks fall in love, there is one who catapulted as fashion icon and has been the slip dress black that led to a parade of Marc Jacobs, in a cosmetic rockstar extremely chic that indicates how to use short dresses with high boots. Just with socks to the vista, a trench coat below the knee, and version mini dress.

The errors when using short dresses according to Kim Kardashian

Avoid prints extravagant this style if your figure is curved

© Hollywood To You/Star Max

Sometimes we get carried away by the excitement and that makes us commit errors when using short dresses. We love a design and want to wear, regardless, but in that eagerness to have the latest fashion we forget what are the cuts or designs that take advantage of our figure. If you have a silhouette curvilinearprevents the focus of attention lies in the hips, the best way to do this is by renouncing prints extravagant in the bottom and also to fabrics that abulten the lines of that area of the body. Beyond that, don’t worry, because this is a faux paus you can reach us at all.