How Tom Holland returned to singleness? | Entertainment


International media report that the actor of Spider-Man ended with your partner

Tom Holland

it could be a single man again, as according to a source close to the actor, he ended his last relationship.

According to the media The Daily Mail, the actor Spider-Man could have been separated from Olivia Bolton, who is a friend of the actor from a long time ago and later became his girlfriend.

“Tom and Olivia remain very united, but recently decided that it was better for them to be just friends instead of a couple,” said the source, ensuring that they are separated so as to be able to save the friendship that they have, then to keep a dating for nine months.

“It is better for both of you,” said the source

The Daily Mail

though Tom Holland he has not made comments on the matter to confirm if you actually ended up with Olivia Boltonwho has not said if they were separated or not.

Tom Holland and Olivia it is known since a long time ago because their families are close and with the passing of the years, their friendship became something more.

In addition Olivia Boltonthe actor of 23 years has been linked on several occasions with Zendaya, the actress who plays “Mary Jane” in the saga of Spider-Man, who recently confirmed that he will return for the third installment of the saga of Marvel.

The preproduction of the film began in the summer of 2019, but for the moment, has not been able to continue due to the pandemic coronavirus which has attacked all over the world.