I solidarity! Kim Kardashian makes a new contribution in the fight against the COVID-19


Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner they want to continue contributing in the midst of the crisis by the pandemic COVID-19. Celebrity recently announced the launch of a new fragrance joint and a significant donation of revenues collected from the sale that will be used to help those most in need.

Through your account in Instagram, Kim he shared the first photo next to the momager and a version in actual size of the bottle. “A fragrance of floral woody and white with the freshness of freesia, gardenia white, creamy tuberose in the heart. I know that you will love to use it as much as me❤️”, started telling the entrepreneur.

Kim added that the 20% of the profits from all sales of her fragrance line of the April 15 to may 5 iran aimed at an organization “that provides food on weekends to children throughout the United States.” In this way, it consolidates the second aid coming from the tv star.

Recall that last week Kim Kardashian announced that it would donate 1 million dollars to the families affected by the COVID-19. Kim will use the funds through its textile company and will use 20% for charitable organizations. In addition, the sales profits of its brand Skims will be used to “support mothers and children in need during this period.

Kim he took his profile of Instagram to inform how is the mechanism of donations. “To support mothers and children in need during this time, I’m proud to announce that @SKIMS has committed to donating $ 1 million to families affected by the coronavirus. On Monday, we will replace the collection with which we started, and so we can help bring relief to those affected by the pandemic (…)”.

But the image got more than likes because a hater is showed in indignation: “I’m confused. So, what are you going to donate 1 million of the winnings that you get from the sale of your vehicle? You know that millions of people are without a job. The last thing you have in your head is to buy underwear more expensive. Why not donate the money?”, it was also questioned.