If you eat bread, you must know this before it’s too late



April 07, 2020
(18:38 CET)

The bread is a food that is ancient, which, by its easy adaptation and complement with other foods, it is basic in most kitchens. The time has come to learn something new about their conservation. And that is, it is of utmost importance if you are manipulating for a lot of years, since you might be repeating the same mistakes without awareness.

With the fast and busy that it keeps coming back to life, it is normal that we try to simplify the activities. For the case of purchases, we prefer to buy in quantity and freeze. With the bread this technique is applied, however, it is unknown the best way to go about it.

It may seem simple the fact freeze, but it also has its tricks. In the first place, it is recommended save the bread inside a plastic bag or in aluminum foilis not good idea to rely on the supplied from the bakery. This will allow you to not transmit the smells of the freezer, and, in addition, the absence of air will be a barrier for the bacteria to manifest in the product.


Another dimension is important is that you must not exceed the time for conservation over the 3 months.

How to defrost the bread?

After the first part of the mission is fulfilled, it is time to defrost. The three recommended techniques are in the oven, toaster or microwave. It is not the best choice the fact of thaw at room temperature, because the quality will be very different in comparison to the initial version.

In the oven, the ideal temperature is 180 °C and the time will depend on the size. In turn, for the case of the toaster, it will be obligatory to chop into slices, place it on a wire rack and cover with a cloth. Finally, with the microwave should be put to thaw accompanied by a glass of water to 359W and the duration will be variable.

The bread of your freezer will be very similar to the first day if you take into account these tips for freezing and thawing.