Inspired ‘Hannah Montana’ to Millie Bobby Brown


“Really, I started to have bad panic attacks. I am working on that (…) I’m not as carefree as before,” he said.

He shared that when he began in Stranger Things is not interested in the social networks, but with the passage of time the negative comments they were doing it on the Internet have been affecting more.

When her parents asked what she wanted for her recent birthday, the actress was asked to adopt a puppy.

“We have three mastiffs English, but I can’t pick them up and I can not play with them”, she said, what Miley Cyrus said that she, also in his / her sixteenth birthday, adopted a puppy who today lives with his grandmother. “These are the best for anxiety”.

Millie Bobby Brown noted that also other resource help you to maintain your mental health, as be with his family and with a group of friends that the value for more than his fame.

The influence of Hannah Montana

During the interview, the british actress gave to Miley Cyrus, thanks to her character of Hannah Montana, she decided to become an actress.

“I didn’t know how to get your work, but I thought: ‘I Want to be like Hannah Montana'”, he said to Miley Cyrus.

Also told that the series of Disney Channel helped to perfect his accent for his roles in the united States.

“The only way that I got my american accent was watching ‘Hannah Montana'”, he added.