It can not be! Selena Gomez is staying without hair because of this disease


The singer lately has not been very active on social networks, but this photograph he uncovered of the severity of their health problem.

The beautiful and young Selena Gomez since you ended with your partner Justin Bieber he has been giving a lot to talk about, and that is that his followers were perplexed after that he was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder. The revelation of this pathology has left many cards on the table, as many of his followers didn’t stop to wonder why she was so much overcome to Justin.

The audience could tell as Bieber she continued with her normal life, although many times gave to much controversy, but then it was revealed that he was dating the who is now his wife, and however Selena I was still very hurt by this break loving. I even said that one of his most recent songs was dedicated to him!

Apparently all that stress that is going on the girl is starting to affect your hair, it looks that you lack enough volume in your mane.

In this controversial photograph you can notice how much she is missing hair Selena Oh poor thing!

With these revelations we can once again say that, although social networks show a face of famous large, we can not really know what they are fighting day-to-day each.