Jack Whitehall ‘in isolation’ with Roxy Horner

2020-04-08 07:30:05

It is said that the comedian Jack Whitehall is going isolation with the model Roxy Horner in the midst of the crisis of the coronavirus.

Jack Whitehall has been linked romantically with Roxy Horner.

It is said that the comedian of 31 years and the model 28 are locked together in the middle of the crisis of the coronavirus, and it is believed that the couple “enjoys” spending more time together.

A source told newspaper The Sun: “Jack and Roxy enjoying being together in isolation. Everything is very new, but they’re in their own little bubble and things are perfect in this moment.”

“Being locked in a honeymoon period is certainly a way of getting to know it quickly.”

“But the more time they spend together, the happier they seem to be”.

It is said that Jack, who previously went out with the actress Gemma Chan for six years, and Roxy, once linked to Leonardo DiCaprio, enjoyed watching Netflix together during the running of the bulls.

The source added: “Jack has been in a race strange, but apart from that, watching Netflix, and enjoying the time together.

“Both had their share of trouble and struggled a bit to find the love. It is time for you to have a little bit of luck”.

Roxy came out with the lead singer Jake Bugg during two years.

Last month, it was stated that Jack had previously enjoyed a series of appointments with the model Portuguese Alexandra Schutz, but their romance fizzled out earlier this year.

A source said: “Jack was in love with her, and you can’t blame him, it is beautiful.

“The couple was very good for about two months and she attended some of his shows, but I have not seen.”

Since the breakup of Gemma in 2017, Jack has also appeared with Kate Beckinsale, 46 years old, and Lottie Moss, 22.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that he is looking for love on the dating website Stripe, a special platform of appointments made for celebrities and influencers, where a person must be recommended by another member before you can register on the platform.

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