Jennifer Lopez was moved to tears to help the girl more special that has never known


Jennifer Lopez has embarked on a new television project very special. It is a program Thanks a Million -platform-Quibi-where ten celebrities give away a hundred thousand dollars to a person whose story has inspired. The purpose of this grant is to initiate a chain of solidarity, and each one of the recipients of this money you must give away half, and so on.

The new yorker is one of the ten stars appearing on the tv show and their episode that presented the little Zoey, a girl who has cerebral palsy and who he met backstage at one of his concerts. The girl caused so much impact on her with your kindness and positivity that has become a source of inspiration for her.

Through Instagram, the singer of 50 years has shared a snippet of the encounter he had with the small fighter and his mother Rosalia in the program and the excitement that they lived the three has managed to cross the screen. Not only they were thrilled to tears, many viewers who have not been able to avoid moved to the beautiful moment that you lived and the sweetness of the little Zoey.

“You know the girl more special that I’ve never known”, wrote the artist to share the audio-visual.

“Getting to know Zoey taught me many things. Made Me remember the things that are important. Sometimes when you are busy, you have a lot of shows, you forget those things. I did go back and stand on the ground and I can not deliver you from my thoughts,” he confessed to the actress visibly excited during your conversation.

This program shows the more human side of Jennifer Lopez and the artists who joined the show, and also did your fans react to you on Instagram. “Crying. This is gorgeous, Jennifer,” said the singer Becky G on the board of the stirring video.

The rest of the celebrities who joined to this project so emotive and special, are Kristen Bell, Nick Jonas, Kevin Hart, Anthony Davis, Gabriel Iglesias, Aaron Rodgers, Karlie Kloss, Yara Shahidi and Tracy Morgan. All together they have donated a million dollars, having given a hundred thousand dollars each to the person that have inspired them, like Zoey’s inspired by Jennifer Lopez.