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The director Jake Kasdan (‘Jumanji: the Next level’) talks about the importance of the distribution of the series, also with Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black, among others.

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Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle premiered in 2017 and surprised critics and the public alike to collect at the box office to a whopping 962 million dollars with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black as actors. With reason, against such data, Sony Pictures gave the green light after a sequel, Jumanji: Next level (2019), that has kept the bar very high with a collection of nearly 800 million and the foundation of a potential sequel that will change the universe Jumanji forever. The question is: will you be the stars in the fourth installment? -if we have the Jumanji original 1995 starring Robin Williams. Director Jake Kasdan has spoken on the subject.

“For me, everything is built on the foundations of these people”says Jake Kasdan in statements to NME. “The cast of the game are these bright stars, these people are iconic”. Certainly, the director did not give a positive response clear, but all indications are that Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black will return to play their characters in the third part of this new trilogy after the successful Welcome to the jungle and Next level. That said, for Kasdan are just as important as the performers more young people, who make the kids who then become within the video game Jumanji in avatars with special skills. “The theme that is easy not to appreciate to the full the whole of his work is that children are simply brilliant. And Alex [Wolff] in particular, just… plays that character so entertaining and intelligent. It is, quietly, a part really of the essence of this”.

‘Jumanji: Next level’: What does the scene poscréditos?

Logically, a large part of the success of this new stage of Jumanji is explained by the dynamics between their perrsonajes, inside and outside of the game. What if Jumanji 4 put it together to one and the other? Would have enough sense if we take into account that the scene poscréditos of Next level showed it to a few ostriches sneaking in the real world, something that let you see certain similarities with Jumanji original. Although there’s still nothing confirmed, if Sony Pictures respects the times of the previous titles, and if the crisis caused by the coronavirus permits, Jumanji 4 it premiered in cinemas in December 2021 -although it will be so when Johnson goal in the skin of Black Adam, the powerful antihero from DC Comics.

Until we get more details, you can enjoy Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle Netflix and its sequel Jumanji: Next level through Movistar+ and Vodafone TV.

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Source: NME