Kelly Clarkson will begin to produce more content from home


LOS ANGELES (united States).- The “Kelly Clarkson Show” joins several other talkers day to resume production, at least in some way. Kelly Clarkson will begin to produce an original episode each week from his home in Montana.

This initiative will also include the recording of new material. The content will be incorporated into the episodes recorded before the program stopped production on the 13th of march, due to the pandemic of coronavirus that has forced millions of people in the world to take shelter in the house.

The new episodes will be Clarkson interviewing celebrities and people who do good in their communities. Also record a segment of “Good Neighbor” every day, to highlight to citizens who are helping others during the pandemic.

The new additional material will include songs from “Kellyoke“, the hostess has been baptized as a Bathroom Kellyoke in your home. Some of these musical offerings will be included in the episodes recorded, as already mentioned, before the production to be dismissed from the screen momentarily.

The program is also planning an extension of its first season called The Kelly Clarkson Show: Summer Studio Sessions that will air from June. Filmed in a recording studio, Los Angeles, the episodes will also include new performances of Kellyoke, interviews, and segments exclusive.