Kendall Jenner revealed that would choose to Hailey in her separation with Justin Bieber


After that Cara Delevingne leave evidence Justin Bieber and fight with him in social networks, now it was the turn of Kendall Jenner who also left him in evidence in front of everyone in a live, for it revealed that he had not expected that her best friend Hailey Baldwin marry him and it showed 100 % on the side of her friend, because he chose the side which would go in the separation of Justin and Hailey.

These last few days, Justin Bieber and Hailey have begun to make several lives where you do some crossovers with your best friends and a special program of interviews with them, so that after his “first season of Lives with Biebs” her guest was the model Kendall Jenner, who is also very dear to the couple as they are very friends.

In spite of that, Kendall don’t forget that your best friend is Hailey so that when asked if he expected the two of them to marry responded that I saw it coming, that Hailey is your best friend and that if you marry Biebs was what made her happy, she will also.

After that, Kendall also revealed that it would support above all things to Haileyas commented that if came to be separated would definitely be #TeamHailey, obviously because it is her best friend but in the end had that really loves the two, because in spite of the problems, Justin has always been at her side.

What side would you be if Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are separated? While, Kendall Jenner already revealed, and gave us a demonstration of some true friends.