Kevin Hart shares the memorable story of Kobe Bryant


It may seem that it was a life, but it’s only been a few months since the death of Kobe Bryant. Despite the fact that the world lurches from one calamity to the next, friends of the legend of the NBA, as the comedian Kevin Hart, even share his memories of Bryant and his unbeatable work ethic.

On Instagram, Hart told a terrific story about the time that the two of them, both of the Philadelphia area, attended the basketball camp LaSalle of Speedy Morris when they were teenagers. Bryant, of course, was already a star and will soon move to the NBA. Hart, as has been pointed out, was a teenager, 5 feet 4 inches whose ambition basketball legends crazy games probably exceeded their real talent.

Yet, as Hart tells it, he thought that he was the player number 2 in the camp, there to compete against one of the best.

“I’m in the same camp of basketball that the basketball player number one in the nation,” Hart said. “Good, that means I should be number two. I have to be number two. Why more would be here? It is my time to shine and be recognized “.

That lasted for about three days, until the head coach Morris revealed the devastating truth to the rest of the players.

“‘ Looks to Kobe Bryant, “ recalls Hart, telling Morris that he told the team. “‘ Appears here every day and works. Kobe Bryant has not put the basketball in his right hand since he was in the camp. He is here only to work with his left hand “.

Bryant had been dominating the rest of the players in the camp with his weaker hand.

“The opportunity that I thought was going to be the best of my life turned out to be a damn platform practice for Kobe Bryant,” said Hart. “We didn’t know he was practicing with us until the head coach made us feel stupid for not working as hard as him.”

There have been countless anecdotes from Bryant, his daughter, Gigi, and seven other passengers died in a helicopter accident in California at the end of January, and each one continues to wonder and reveling. Anyway, listen to Hart to share the story for yourself. Worth.