Kim Kardashian, her mother negotiated her controversial video


Kim Kardashian, her mother negotiated his controversial video(Instagram)
Kim Kardashian, her mother negotiated her controversial video | Instagram

As we all know, the life of Kim Kardashian is full of luxuries and tastes really expensive. But… life has been so?. Many will wonder what it was that made the famous celebrity and your family come to the top and to enjoy the frills. And is that really all we rementa the year 2003 when Kim along to your partner Ray J starred in a controversial video [email protected] which was made public three years after.

It was assumed that the life of Kim would be a total turn out of the light the video, and not only that but by her mother Kris Jenner, who claims he was the one who negotiated the video with Vivid Entertainment, one of the largest producers of adult film in the world.

According to Faces, since then the lives of not only Kim but the entire dynasty Kardashian was made public to star in their reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. It was there where the Kardashians were announced, including Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Where, once more, took a very considerable amount for exposing to the world her life on a television channel.

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Not everything ends here, the life of Kim became the focus of all eyes after marriage with professional basketball player in the NBA, Kris Humphries and what’s more shocking was that their marriage lasted for only 72 days.

After the news, many of her followers speculated that it was an arranged marriage and not doubted that the same Kris Jenner was behind all of this new account.

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Was in 2014 when it comes to marry him now rapper Kanye West and the years they decide to form a large family, which made it stand out and make the whole world speak of her, bringing it to the top, and identifying in all the dynasty Kardashian as a celebrity with a stunning body, businesswoman and socialite, full of luxuries and eccentricities.

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