Kim Kardashian puts your knowledge to the test in abogaca with his recent documentary


Kim Kardashian lanz your documentary Justice Project where you not only get to interview prisoners, but also drives the search of a reform of the criminal justice. That way, the meditica and businesswoman seeks to give a change in your image and show you a side little known.

During 2019, Kim Kardashian decided to follow in the footsteps of her pap and started to study abogaca. Her father died when she was small, and is remembered for defending O. J Simpson, accused of killing his ex-wife.

While Kim Kardashian is expected to receive his title in 2022, the entrepreneur will plant that I had to think about this a lot but if it’s ms, they will be able to help ms. According to their decision, estren his documentary where you visit the different prisons of the united States together with legal experts in cases of persons who consider that they were detained unfairly.

Among the interviewees, is the actor Momolu Stewart who Kim Kardashian helped to regain their freedom after being sentenced for a premeditated murder.