Kylie Jenner poses with a doll realistic of her mother, Kris Jenner


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The family Kardashian has accustomed us to see all kinds of eccentricities. The latter has published Kylie Jenner with a few videos next to her mother. Until here, all normal. However, this is not Kris Jenner, but a perfect figure of hyper-realism of the matriarch. In the publication, her daughter kisses, hugs, jokes… we note that the misses! Kylie has been shown on more than one occasion what a family is and what you like to enjoy your immediate circle. Often shares the fun moments that stars her daughter Stormi, who already follows your steps. But without a doubt, these last have brought with it a wave of questions about why you have this doll at home. It could be a gift that has made his mother, on the occasion of the upcoming release of their colony along with her other daughter, Kim Kardashian. Do you want to see the realistic figure of Kris Jenner? Give the play and not miss it.