Kylie Jenner takes advantage of the quarantine to leave your hair and nails to the natural


The quarantine has some fans of the beauty world a bit discouraged because it is impossible to go to the salon to fix her hair or get nails. However, many understand that this is not a priority in these times and therefore see it as an opportunity to rest your body from these aesthetic procedures.

Such is the case of Kylie Jenner, who decided to leave her natural hair after months of wearing extensions, wigs, and dyes.

The celebrity explained in a live on Instagram that you made with your friend Stassie during this period, it will remain with her mane of chestnut without interventions to this recover. “This is the first time that I use my natural hair”said.

He also told that he had no time to check out their classic acrylic nails. “I feel so uncomfortable”, he said. “Not even I removed the nails. This is a good time to take off the hair and the nails, without tabs”added.