Lil Jolie, the neostar urbanin escape from the Land of fire


Angela Ciancio was 15 years old when he “tried to escape from Calvi Risorta in Naples, every time, if I could, affrancarmi of a reality that came to the province of me”. In the old town, the souls, the in value is, as they say: “In the school my girls wore revealing clothes and had bellelle who knows who, I on the piazza del gesù I met to talk with the children, with which he will be important, and not to seem, and not pretend to. And I discovered the music”. It is at this point, more or less, that Lil Jolie, Lil will, Angela, even Angelina Jolie think of the diva, to look like the someone says, impressed by his face, pink pompom nose, blue eyes…
In escape from the Land of fire, to hear from “boredom to death for the life of the province”, sung by the advertising, who knows if he had ever heard from papa that he, too, grew up in De André and Baptists, begins to make music ” to joke a little, thanks to a friend’s manufacturer, coma: we are home, I’ve found that I can put my thoughts in a song, then I decided to share the things to the public”. And SoundCloud selected “a community meeting to music from people no one knew. I was the first girl to do that, suddenly there were many people who followed me, unfortunately, the platform is now gone, there is become Spotify”.
The 18-year-old Lil is noted Close lists, producer of Tauro Boys, a name that counts in a scene hard to define, not trap, not rap, not the indie, make urban, perhaps probably the three guys the Romans: “He has put me to the test, I studied all the tutorials principles of composition in the network, I have tried, seriously, Warner was interested in me, us, now Miguel, my manager is…”.
Today, twenty years has, “diamond” is the single, the the spear in a season that is so difficult as that of the Covid-19: “On the basis of tempo, narrative-rich and a dark period, the need to find light in the darkness”. Lil, don’t know that sugar he wrote with De Gregori in a piece with the same title, they listen to “The Weeknd, Drake, Sza, but also Mecna, and Coco, but I also have Pink Floyd, Oasis and Sting belongs to. For Billie Eilish I have a particular passion, she has the pop routine in something unconventional”.
It is so that you can feel: different, anti-convenzionale: “It’s always the same, my heart beats every day with the same tone. I am so many personalities, which is no longer a song like “hurt” it, but it has been, it is in me.” In the video piece speaks of the move in Naples, between piazza del gesù and the dream from the sea, sings to the young love between birrette and tease, inserted between the lines the words of the melancholy, apathy, fear. Someone sets you up with Madame, the Anna of “note” to an alleged “new scene” Italian female: “it’s not nice, that is a escape of the different voices, be you away, so far away from each other, only we should”.
In quarantine Calvi Risorta, the the Jolie, which burns on the earth and smoke is not narrower in front,”, again in Naples. Here, I friends never had, that was never my place, even if you think now to home to me, mama, tell you more, to pray the rosary, that rinsavisca”. © REPRODUCTION RESERVED