Live the fairy tale premiered “Nephrology”


The popular series of cuban television Live the story released on Monday 6th April a new chapter under the title Nephrology with the one that has managed to start more of a laugh of his most loyal followers.

The episode, uploaded to the YouTube channel Pamphilus and More, is now available for the enjoyment of other fans of the program who live outside of the island.

This new delivery, the inhabitants of the popular neighborhood of Havana will be a situation that will be put to the brink of despair, after believing that one of their favorite neighbors is fighting for his life: Panfilo Epiphanius.

To Panfilo Epiphanius you are admitted in the hospital for a kidney infection and Rupert accompanies it to be installed in the room.

However, once the nurse assigns the bed, Pamphilus and Rupert realize that the roommate is a very dangerous man who is known, as is the same as that accidentally he threw a pitch at the Latin american Stadium of the capital.

The lord asks him to Pamphilus change of bed, because he wanted to sleep near the window. Pamphilus does not hesitate and says yes as long as it is quiet and not recognize it.

What Pamphilus is imagined is that this change of bed was going to bring a confusion, which will lead to a great consternation among their friends.

Cachita and Checkbook are waiting in the room when they see the nurse and ask for the health of Pamphilus. By lying in the bed of another lord, the young man gives the prognosis of him, instead of that of Pamphilus.

The nurse tells her to Cachita and Checkbook that is in a serious situation and needs a kidney transplant. This unleashes a general concern in the neighborhood and everyone will begin to look for donors to be able to help Pamphilus.

How do I end this mess? Do you finally know that Pamphilus simply has a kidney infection and it does not need a kidney transplant?

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