Lucia Rivera solves the doubts about his professional future


There is No doubt that Lucia Rivera it is one of the faces of the moment in the fashion industry in our country. The young man has conquered with its freshness and its beauty, and its 21 years, she has been featured in numerous fashion shows, campaigns and editorials. For a decade he began his career in this sector, a stage which remembers fondly although he says that “I had no idea what he was doing.” Despite these insecurities, own of all beginnings, the daughter of Cayetano Rivera and Blanca Romero has a promising career and an authentic legion of fans. With them he shares his day-to-day and their professional projects, but also your doubts, and your more human side. During these days in the house, has explained that does not rule out to try their luck in the interpretation, which left his followers with a great question: does that mean that you are going to set off the fashion of your way for a while? She herself has wanted to aclaralo.


A few days ago Lucy sinceraba in your accountexplaining that his work is his passion and that fashion for her is a way of seeing life. In addition to these authentic declarations of love for his current profession, left the door open to a possible diversification: “Posing is a way of acting, something that I do not give when you feel that you have given it 100% in this. Because they are very parallel and the images of the film, I do get to one or the other part of me. There are plenty of movies that inspire me to wear”. In this way, made it clear that called the interpretation, but also the communication, and is used to explain his new project for these days of isolation, a series of direct-with figures of the fashion that will explain their vision of this world with the model as interviewer and ‘presenter’.

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These statements made fans of the dummy asked if I was going to leave soon to the catwalks to focus on your other concerns, but she has wanted puntualizarlo in the best possible way, with spontaneity and a sense of humor. To remain faithful to its essence, has appealed to the networks to do this, in particular, to the stories ephemeral Instagram, in which I shared the question that would launch his yesterday from HELLO! Fashion and replied with a single word: “NUNCAAAAA”. That is to say, it is quite clear that, although it is possible to try your luck in other industries, fashion is and will always be his great passion, and it’s not going to leave it aside.

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In addition, it would not be the first nor the last top in combining a model’s work with other communication or interpretation, as before they have done from international names such as Cara Delevingne or Emily Ratajkowski to other Spanish as Laura Sanchez and Nieves Álvarez.