Maluma presumed to STRANGE company and their fans are I Jealous!


The colombian singer Maluma is located in social isolation in your property in Medellin, but has recently given to know that he was alone and had to invite someone to distract him a little.

Remember that the courtship of the singer acknowledged with the model Natalia Barulich completed in October of last year, so that ahorautiliza regularly your account on Instagram as a means of distraction and interaction with their fans.

The strange guest of Maluma

That is why recently Maluma surprised with a change of look, since that is shaved off his hair, but he has done it for a good cause: a mode of celebration for having overcome the barrier of 50 million followers on Instagram.

But that was not the most surprising, because in a publication placed a description that says: “yes, Now I present to you my company for this quarantine. I thing beautiful!”, wrote the musician next to a video, sowing seeds of confusion and surprise.

Maluma continued commenting in a socket type selfie: “Well, my people. I think that this quarantine has only been very difficult. Today Sunday I picked up something so strong… I had to call a friend to pass a Sunday only. What is the present? What if?”.

The surprise was when the decision appeared a kind of dummy and Maluma gave him a kiss, uncovering then that everything was a joke to his followers of social networks.

It is noteworthy that like other artists around the world, the work of Maluma is affected by the pandemic of the coronavirus, because until the moment has cancelled the shows that I had scheduled this month in Milan and Greece, although it will probably also need to postpone other work plans.

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It should be noted that the last official girlfriend of Maluma was Natalia Barulich, with which it is met in 2017 and the recording of the video “Happy four” and even came out to show their love in front of thousands of fans during one of his shows, but it all ended late last year.