Meghan and Harry want to the bodyguard of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


The dukes of Sussex begin their new life in Hollywood and make it big. Need bodyguards and have already reviewed the VIP list: want to be the ex of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (and to prove to Donald Trump that they do not expect you to pay for them).
Meghan and Harry leave his life of royals in order to become celebrities of Hollywood.

Who pulled the data? The Daily Mail. It seems that, recently installed in Malibu, California, the dukes of Sussex (which officially began sunueva life outside of royalty), moved with agility to hire your own security team.

And, as I let them know at the very Donald Trump -when the president of the united States announced that its protection would not come out of their budget-, the dukes think to take charge themselves of their services.

The bodyguards of the stars

What were looking for Harry and Meghan? “They wanted to former the SAS (Aerial Service Special)”, they noted. And is that, in Britain, the dukes were accustomed to having a bodyguard of Scotland Yard and the same Harry has a military career in aviation. Known.

The duke of Sussex became part of the world Hollywood which seeks to protect the curious and the paparazzi.

Ensure that the duke and duchess they took the final decision and chose between two agencies dedicated exclusively to caring for celebrities.

And who says more celebrity that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, ‘Brangelina’, in their times of splendour? With bodyguards with similar references, the dukes were by them.

If you were able to with them, can be with Meghan and Harry. Back covers for the dukes in Hollywood.

The couple does not have good fame. Since the staff said “the hurricane Meghan” just stepped on Buckingham Palace – all are afraid of him duchess. Nor did the unruly Harry is easy to protect. Don’t like to follow the rules.

So you can get to complicate things in an appearance “real”. The bodyguard (forward) of the duchess was dismissed after a tumultoso event in Fiji.

We all remember as one of the bodyguard was in the way. The removed from his service after riots and desinteligencias on a trip to Fiji.

They say that Meghan and her not wearing bien. And the confidence (well I knew Lady Di, deceased mother of the prince) is paramount.

The dukes sought to the exAngelina and Brad Pitt, bodyguard off-road, accustomed to the crowds, the paparazzi, and also treated well to his son of ten months, Archie.

The elect also had to Madonna and Nicole Kidman among its portfolio of clients.

The hand of Carlos

However, what lives in the Royal Family it is very similar to what you would from any other family. Where there is a father (prince Charles) very angry with his son (prince Harry), a grandmother (the queen Elizabeth II) that tries to intercede.

The tweet that Donald Trump would have pushed prince Charles to help económicamen you to your child.

Where then, the parent giving up and assignsbut saying so under the “don’t tell anyone”.

It is highly possible that it is the money of the prince Charles -father worried about his youngest son, to the end – which pay for their protection out of Great Britain. Or at least that “contribute” to the costs that would go to a few $ 450 per day.

Face the press, one of the things that Meghan and Harry know that must make you even living in the united States.

Grandson of the queen, the end

Because the british people he was furious with the display of the Megxit and demanded nothing of the government’s budget out of their hands, because they no longer wish to work for the Palace.

Meghan and Harry they ran out of budget that will cover your safety. Something unthinkable.

With two bodyguards behind, so he handed Meghan her first days in Canada. With Archie to upa and walking their dogs under their care.

Because even without “His Royal Highness” or the chances of use “Royal” (“Real”) for their new businesses, the prince Harry of the same are maintained as sixth in line of succession to the Throne (and Archie , of ten months, seventh). Or: are the heirs of the queen.

Harry and Archie, sixth and seventh in Line of Succession to the Throne. Photo: Fotonoticias.

Something that in times of coronavirus (with the prince of Wales, newly recovered) account and lot of.

With a queen of 93 years and an heir infected, in order would follow William and then his small son George… but since the account was already beginning to worry. Where was Harry?

After the Megxit, the british people, is refusing to pay for the security costs of the dukes of Sussex.

However, that the money prince Charles is what you pay for (part of) these exclusive bodyguard also not happy with the british. The son of the queen Elizabeth II receives profits government (taxes) of their coins. Indirectly, the village would pay for the “whim” of Meghan and Harry with their money.

But in those things the prince of Wales is the first to be hard: ensure that the money will come from your (bulging) pocket, and not of the duchy of Cornwall. And that there is only a “contribution” to this first year of test where Meghan and Harry look how they think (about)living.

With a bodyguard of a VIP, so they start with Harry and Meghan, his new life in Hollywood.

And, if the dukes want the best and chose the exguardaespaldas of Angelina and Brad Pittto , so be it.