Mia Khalifa stars in hot Tik Tok next to her boyfriend with a daring pirouette


Mia Khalifa it is also another of the celebrities that abide by the quarantine for the coronavirusand through their social networks looking to entertain their faithful fans, who always wait anxiously for their occurrences.

Via Instagram. The exactriz of adult cinema is no stranger to the Tik Tok and for the surprise of your million fans shared a video in which you try to meet a dangerous challenge to the side of your partner, Robert Sandberg.

In the clip, you can see how the now-influencer you try to run a risky pirouette with your boyfriendwho reflects in his face how painful it is to this challenge viral of Tik Tok. Fortunately, it is done with success, managing to take the applause of their followers. The video has over 2 million views.

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