Mia Khalifa tries to do the boyfriend challenge of Tik Tok and this happens…


But first, what is the #boyfriendchallenge?

This challenge is Tik Tok, the new favorite social network to the quarantine.

The challenge is that the girlfriend/wife is in a robe or towel, you have to go where is your boyfriend/husband is doing another activity, like watching tv or be playing a game. They have to stop near him, dropping the towel (to be naked or in underwear) and see the reaction of the groom or of the plane to see if it will peel.

So what failed here with Mia?

Mia Khalifa also joined the bandwagon of mame and opened his account of Tik Tok as all lately, it has gone up a few tik toks of the trends and as a description of the user set:

“The quarantine must have done that the actions of TikTok fire”

Which we believe is a great truth, well said Mia…

She has made the trends as the dance of Savage and on this occasion tried to make the boyfriend challenge. Already brought the gown start by going to the room where was her husband, under the stairs, you will be taught how to let fall his robe but at the momneto of getting to the goal he realized that his husband was not, nor her dogs, apparently had taken out for a walk.

There is still no part 2 but surely the disappointment there will not be another attempt, meanwhile she took it with much humor and that’s why I shared

Here the Tik Tok of the failed attempt of Mia Khalifa