Michael Sheen gave away his fortune


2020-04-06 12:30:04

Michael Sheen had to return to act because “he gave all [his] money “to charity, to organise the World Cup of homeless people in Cardiff.

Michael Sheen had to return to act because “he gave all [his] money “to charity.

The actor of 51 years announced in 2016 that was taking a step back from her career to focus on activism after returning to his native country of Wales, but was found to be in need of funds after to intervene to bring the World Cup of the homeless, which costs £ 2 million per year for file – to Cardiff last year.

To explain why he has appeared on ‘Good Omens’ and ‘The Good Fight’ in recent years, said: “In fact, I ended up spending the last six months working in New York, that is not what was intended.

“But when I’ve given away all my money, I suddenly had to go out and earn money again”.

The actor of ‘Frost / Nixon’, which is Lily, 21 years of age, with his ex-partner Kate Beckinsale, and Lyra six months with Anna Lundberg, explained that, with only eight weeks to the charity event, “someone completely f *** we left off “, leaving him with only two weeks to find the cash to keep it afloat.

He told the Guardian newspaper: “500 of the most vulnerable people around the world [were] road to Cardiff, for a tournament that was potentially transformative and life-changing. And then. I gave him all my money. “

Michael admitted that costs will be paid for years, for which reason he took up his work on the television program american ‘Prodigal son’, but admitted that it is not a real difficulty.

He said: “it’s Not that I’m forcing you to do so. It is a great job.”

The star of ‘Masters of Sex’ had been living in Los Angeles until his return to Wales in order to be near her eldest daughter, but he took the decision to move after Lily was off to the university.

He said: “When my daughter was 18 years old and went into a life of its own, I realized, ‘Oh, I can go home again now.’

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