Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Cody Simpson distributed food among the health staff to thank them for their work


Since the coronavirus began to spread all over the world, hundreds of health professionals have not stopped working to save the most lives possible and take care of the infected by this disease by sacrificing your time of rest on many occasions. An incredible work on the part of health personnel in this health crisis Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Cody Simpson have wanted to thank a lovely gesture.

With gloves and masks, the two singers have bought over a hundred tacos to give to the medical staff of a local hospital of Los Angeles at the time of eating. Additionally, the food bags came with a message of encouragement hand written and signed by them. “Thank you for your support and love. Please stay strong,” reads the paper bags.

The charge of sharing this precious and solidarity-based initiative has been the boyfriend of the ex-chica Disney in a publication composed by several different images.

“¡Tacos to the incredible health care workers in our local hospital! Grateful to these heroes of our contemporaries who dedicate their lives to combat this pandemic. I encourage you to send love to doctors in your area,” he wrote to accompany the photos and videos.

In addition to this donation, Miley Cyrus has also been proposed to encourage his followers with a great dose of positivity and has made his profile of Instagram in a channel of videos where she shares the programs of the show that has created, ‘Bright Minded’. In it, interview with personalities from the likes of Selena Gomez, Elton John or Jimmy Fallon. Without a doubt, a fun way to do more bearable the quarantine for her and her guests and many of his followers.

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