No one has any idea of how many years have you met Paul Rudd, and it is hilarious


I avengers, assemble yourselves, that you have a new mission: clarify how many years has Paul Rudd! The actor who gives life to Scott Lang, Ant-Man, in the Movie Universe Marvel has held this April 6, his 51 birthday, or so he says, because the internet and especially social networks do not believe a word. Rudd is one of those actors that seem to remain eternally young, a Jordi Hurtado of Hollywood such as Keanu Reeves, and so much so that it has ended up becoming a meme.

Last year, Rudd explained in one of the panels of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo at the beginning of his career he used to seem greater than the rest of the companions and the companions of his age, and now is simply catching up to do. But that is not enough explanation or to Chris Evans, who has joined the mockery collective:

“Happy birthday to another one of my favorites, Paul Rudd! Enjoy celebrating the 21st anniversary of your 30th birthday (since that is clearly the year in which you stopped aging)!”

And is not the only Hollywood really confused with his date of birth, the comedian Billy Eichner, and up to InStyle magazine have goliath grouper for a while along with the rest of Twitter users:

“Today is the birthday of Paul Rudd and meets, I’m not kidding, 88”

“He is 51 years old and does not seem to have more than 22”

“Paul Rudd to 28 vs Paul Rudd at 51. What age this man?”

Paul Rudd

Also a little bit of love

Both Peyton Reed, director of the movies ‘Ant-Man’, as his fellow cast Emma Fuhrmann have been much kinder to Rudd:

“Please join me in wishing a very happy birthday to your Ant-Man and mine, mr. Paul Rudd!”

“The happiest of birthdays to the very man, Paul Rudd. To be so small in the Ant-Man you’ve really caused a huge impact on my life”.

Among the upcoming projects of the actor are ‘Ghostbusters: beyond’, delayed until march 5, 2021, ‘Ant-Man 3’ and the animated series of ‘What If…?’ where you will put voice to your character in Marvel. Happy birthday Paul Rudd, whatever they may be.