‘No time to die’ and ‘Trolls 2: World Tour’ already have new release dates in Spain


Many films have been left in limbo because of the crisis of the coronavirus. But the case of ‘Trolls 2: world Tour’ is particular. In the united States, Universal Pictures decided to put it up for rent on the streaming for families to take advantage of the quarantine. In Spain we did not know if they would follow that same pattern, as the film had not yet come to cinemas, and there are rules of the game that follow in terms of windows distribution.

Trolls 2: World Tour

Finally, Universal Pictures Spain has announced what he will do with it: not released in streaming, but that he has sought a new release date. It will be the 23 of October. Risky for the time that will be streaming in other countries, but is backed by positive reviews and good box office the first delivery. Families already have a date to mark for the next fall.

The distributor has also announced the new date for the premiere of ‘No time to die’, the next mission for James Bond. On November 12, premiering the latest movie of Daniel Craig with tuxedo. Prepare yourselves because, according to seydoux let us cry: “There is a lot of emotion in this Bond. It is very moving. I bet you’re going to cry, if you like to cry. I cried, which is weird because I’m on it”.

The premieres stronger, 2021

Much further we’re going to date, ‘Fast & Furious 9’ and ‘Minions: The origin of Gru’. The return of Toretto and the family Fast will take place on the 2nd of April 2021in addition to the world premiere. The sequel of ‘The Minions’, who could not finish the production because of the pandemic, you will have plenty of time to leave to nickel plating because to be released on July 2, 2021.