Pablo Motos (The Anthill) scared. “So how bad is it?”. Photo is terrible (and takes hours)


April 07, 2020
(14:12 CET)

As the rest of the spaniards, the couple’s most iconic of Spain is confined to his house of street Booksellers, right next to Gran Via. Both are located in the famous pink house, although on the same floor are two more and her sister Martha. The couple connected in direct with The Anthill to count as being these days, in which they spend 24 hours together, something almost impossible before due to the professional commitments of the couple.

In the tone of humor the couple has revealed that they are bringing “so-so”. Alaska blame Mario for his bad mood some days and Vaquerizo the contradicted, always with much humor. The couple has shown their love in many occasions and have already made it clear that they are made for each other.

Mario Vaquerizo, as always, had the singer voice and a few times I could talk about Alaska. He picked up his mobile and ended revolucionándolo all. Taught the house to Pablo Motos because he asked for it. However, what most caught the attention of the spectators was their new physical appearance.

After the proclamation of the state of alarm, they closed hair salons and beauty centers, such as that of his friend JuanBa, where he goes regularly to talk about life and to become a wicks. There are many men who have taken the drastic and simple decision of raparse the head, but that’s for Vaquerizo would be something intolerable, for us also.

The showman appeared without any makeup, with gray hair and beard of a few days, it’s also full of gray hair. “If you look like Wolverine“he said, Trancas and Barrancas nothing more to start the video call. “I have decided to be a male with a beard”said Mario flaunting his good humor.

Mario Vaquerizo took the decision of letting gray hair a couple years ago. Has now also left the beard to grow and pretty. Total, nor leave the house. Pablo Motos has not taken time to ask him to Alaska for the new look of her husband, and she has been very clear: “I like the beard, but Mario does not”.