Postmates follows the trend, uses stars in a campaign of COVID-19


  • The campaign Postmates was created with the support of the advertising agency Mother

  • In activation also collaborated with the artists, Ashley Benson, Ashley Greene, Bella Thorne, among others

  • With this new project, the platform of shipments is also using the hashtag #OrderLocal

All companies and businesses are going through a very bad time in the wake of the crisis of the COVID-19. Some organizations have been able to continue working, perhaps at a lower yield, using home office. Others have had to cut costs, including reducing the wages of their employees, to survive the potential lack of liquidity. But no one’s going to be worse than the small enterprises. And the new campaign of Postmates knows it very well.

Faced with this possibility, the company of delivery is determined to change the fate of their allies in the smaller size. For this purpose, assembled several artists, including models, entertainers and actors in a campaign on the landscape of small business before the COVID-19. The idea specifically is to encourage the general public to begin to buy and ask more of these local. In particular, to their places of favorite food that are at risk of disappearing.

With this idea, the campaign shows small clips that Mindy Kaling, Meghan Trainor, Cara Delevigne, Steve Aoki and others recorded from their homes. In his speech, pointed out that small businesses could disappear with the lack of customers for the COVID-19. Therefore, we suggest to the people that, if you go to buy food to carry, they do so in small shops. And then, begin to mention some of their favorite restaurants in their localities.

A campaign in support of the allies

Several companies have focused their activations on the COVID-19 to improve the landscape of some of the agents who are less fortunate. For example, Renault and AXA recently launched a campaign to give them free cars and insurance to doctors in the first line. The brand Cotonelle also announced a donation United Way to combat the pandemic. Ford also began to give facilities credits to those of you who have purchased one of their cars.

Related notes

This campaign Postmates is a great use of celebrity. With star recognized by consumers, it is very easy to call the attention of the general public. In this way, the message of support before the COVID-19 is much more likely to reach the ears of all the consumers that are relevant. On the other hand, it is a good way to advertise the services of the platform, which is naturally the ultimate goal of the campaign beyond its intended social.

It should be added that the format of the campaign also contributes to give a sense of authenticity to the video. It is evident that the mark only gave general instructions to the stars to create the activation and the artists took it from there. It is especially clear in the case of Mindy Kaling, that you are mistaken visibly in the recommendation on the COVID-19 that should give. But rather than be a point against, contributes to increase the attractiveness of the project.

How to use celebrity

Not only does Postmates has created a campaign around the pandemic using big stars of the entertainment industry. For example, Visa requested the support of some athletes Olympic Games to give a message of good habits of cleanliness and hygiene. By your side, NBCUniversal I think a PSA, at the request of the Government of the united States (US), to ask people to stay in their homes. In it, participated Terry Crews, Nick Jonas and others.

The use of celebrities, stars and actors is not uncommon in the marketing industry, beyond the situation of the COVID-19. Frog Dog points that helps people achieve remember best the campaign in question. By your side, Product2Market notes that helps to give personality to advertisements and brands, as it creates an association with a real person. And according to Jiggle Digital, also contributes to influencing the buying behavior of the people.