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Jeffrey Katzenberg is that in the united States called a mogul. A mogul who one day receives a call from the bank to inform you that I no longer fit more money in the vault, please slow down your income. Partner of Spielberg since the days of Dreamworks, considered one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, and one of those guys able to lift any project is always to leave the numbers. Quibi is your last wager: a platform of streaming exclusively for mobile with the ascendancy of celebrities and great pop of the audiovisual: of Chrissy Heigen Sam Raimi, Chance The Rapper Liam Hemsworth, Christoph Waltz Steven Spielberg.

The initial investment exceeds one billion dollars, obtained by Katzenberg in his first round of investors who have participated to the studies of Hollywood’s most recognizable (such as Disney), always to the search of a new path to continue growing in a field, on the streaming, that is not to generate new proposals.

Quibi will be the mother of more than 100 series, with capsules that swings between seven and ten minutes, and that can be seen both in vertical as in horizontal.

The platform allows a free period to try it out for 90 days. After that you must pay about 8 euros per month to access the content of the same. At ICON we have seen quite a few shows (the most prominent of those available), and we will tell you what and if you should see them (or not).

Chrissy Heigne is the judge that no one ever wants to come up.

Chrissy Heigne is the judge that no one ever wants to come up.

Chrissy”s court

With a style Judge Judy, but with a strong injection of sense of humor, Chrissy Heigne puts on the toga to settle who is right in cases quite light. Sometimes –obviously – it appears John Legend (husband of supermodel) by that doubling of the hype, already in the first episode acts as the assistant judge. Sometimes funny, court folk, no more. 6/10


As that of Ashton Kutchner on MTV, do putaditas the famous shift, but with Chance The Rapper. Returns to produce MTV. Some jokes are quite funny, famous people are less famous, but –unfortunately-, Chance The Rapper has the same charisma that a ficus. Or two. 5/10

Fierce queens

The version Attenborough Reese Witherspoon, with elegant dress and working as a talking head at the beginning of each episode, and voice in off in the rest. Advisable for the lovers of the nature that they have never seen a nature documentary. Others can abstain. 3/10

Sophie Turner, as always, surviving.

Sophie Turner, as always, surviving.


Probably the best of the proposals, because of their showrunner, Mark Pellington (the genius behind Arlington Road). With the appearance of nightmare and tour de force Sophie Turner fresh out of the A game of thrones. A woman has to survive in the wild after a plane crash, and the thing is going to get complicated in spite of not being alone in the adventure. This yes. 9/10

Run this city

Jasiel Correia II was chosen to the 23-year-old as mayor of a town of Massachusetts: the youngest ever chosen for the position in the united States. However, there is just where they begin their problems, in this kind of true crime with so many twisties that can only be real. Probably the most solid of Quibi and has the best paints. 9/10


LeBron James does not produce anything, always attentive to the best of the best. It is not Kobe Bryant (who even won an Oscar), but this story coming of age that has Marc Levin behind the scenes is a good example of that the platform can accommodate formats with a future more or less bright. If not diverted, this proposal is going to work like a shot. 8/10

Lebron James is a huge.

Lebron James is a huge.


Have to Megan Rapinoe hostess already guarantees a certain level of quality, and although Rapinoe (the footballer most famous in the world) seems to be thinking in another thing, what is certain is that this docuserie about the wonders of the sport, male and female, is regarded with liking, has chicha and offers a look extremely care. It can be excellent. Can. 7/10

Most dangerous game

The double oscar winner Christoph Waltz as the villain to the Bond (a role recurring, that is running perfectly), in a mini-remake of The evil Zaroff, where is hunting humans. In this case the dam is Liam Hemsworth. We’ll see if they can make it fly, at the moment I weigh a little expectations, but the work of the veteran Phil Abraham in the direction might work the miracle. 7/10

50 states of fright

The series of Sam Raimi, the guy who became famous by filming the bestial Possession infernal and then we continued marveling at Darkman or its Spiderman, premiered on April 13, his series on Quibi. 50 states of fright it is a collection of urban legends americans and the trailer looks noticeably dark. We anticipate good (bad) times.

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