Recommendations: Good original series to Apple TV Plus


One of the platforms streaming that recently came to Mexico is Apple TV Pluscontinuing with these special recommendations of films that you can view in the comfort and security of home we leave some of the best series that has it in their catalog:

The Morning Show: One of its main proposals, being one of the series most expensive in the world to have an all-star cast comprised of Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Billy Crudup follows the story of a newscast, morning which has changed the tv for US, but everything changes when suddenly fired one of the owners, his partner will now have to adapt to the changes and new rivalries.

Dickinson: This tv show comedy is estelarizado by Hailee Steinfeld( Bumblebee, My life at 17) is still in the youth of the poet Emily Dickinson in the NINETEENTH century seeing all the challenges they had to overcome as the stigmas of the society, to meet your goals.

See: Starring Jason Momoa (Aquaman) this interesting proposal is set in a future where humanity has lost the sense of sight, so they had to find new ways to hunt and to survive, it is more complicated when they are born twins that if they can see, so that his father, a warrior will do everything to protect them.

Snoopy in space: This animated programme focuses on one of the favorite characters of all time follows the dog to Snoopy, Charlie Brown and his friends live new and fun adventures.

Servant: This psychological thriller will keep the expectation to the audience, his executive producer is the recognized M. Night Shyamalan who gave us one of the best trilogies gained from the film with The protected, Fragmented and Glass.

– Defending Jacob: This proposal comes up on the 24th of April 2020, but since it is already the most anticipated, taking on the lead role to Chris Evans ( Captain America) in the role of Andy Barber, an assistant district attorney who investigates the death of a young man.

But when the evidence in the case seems to point towards his own son Jacob 14 years of age and was a classmate of the victim, so that your family look desperate to prove the innocence of the boy, as he will be torn between his responsibility to his job and his duty as a father.