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2020-04-06 11:30:04

Rita Ora has signed up to be a volunteer in the NHS because it wants to “do their part” during the pandemic of coronavirus.

Rita Ora has signed up to be a volunteer in the NHS.

The singer of 29 years and his sister Ellen are among those who volunteered to help the elderly and vulnerable during the pandemic coronavirus and assist you with the deliveries, and will come to talk with members lonely of the society during this time of social distancing. .

The mother of Rita, Vera Sahatciu, told HELLO! magazine: “She is very interested in doing his part.

“She and her older sister Elena are among the 750,000 people who have requested help and prevent this disease comes to our door and overwhelm the NHS.

“Will be among the people who delivered medical supplies, collect recipes, control to the elders and make phone calls to members lonely and vulnerable of the community.”

Vera is a psychiatrist and she decided to return to the first line of the NHS to help prevent mental health and patients perinatally exposed to the virus, and stressed that “there was never any question” about his participation.

She said: “there was Never any question for me. I love my job and I want to do the best possible. It is my role and duty to help others. Nothing will keep me unless you are not well enough to do so.

“These are difficult times and had never before had to provide more compassion and support to other colleagues. I have been witness to the heroism of all the staff of the NHS, from doctors and nurses to porters and cleaning staff, in an environment of busy, stressful and risky.

“We came together because we all know that we are the people on the front line, and for some people the last resort to provide care”.

Rita hailed her as a “superhero” for his work.

She said: “My mother has always been my hero, but this pandemic honestly has become a superheroine to my eyes.

“She is very brave and has been through many things on your own, but your generosity to help to others just reinforces what I know my mother is capable of doing. I am very happy that the rest of the world will now also be able to see it.” .

“But it is not just my mother. All the doctors and nurses of the NHS are my heroes.”

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