Rita Ora sign up as a volunteer to fight against the coronavirus


The tragic situation facing the great majority of countries of the world is leaving a great surge of solidarity and Rita Ora is a good example of this. The worrying spread of the coronavirus has managed to put a pause on the life of each and every one of us by reducing our day-to-day to a routine that already begins to challenge the impatience of society, which sees from their homes as the coronavirus manages to spread through the remotest corners of the world.

The uk is proving to be another of the most affected countries in the world. The worrying and growing number of hiv infections ravage the streets of the country in which they have already taken major measures to curb the spread of the COVID 19. As in Spain, there are many people who have been launched to help to the extent possible.

Rita Ora is one of the known faces who has taken the decision to contribute its grain of sand and as soon as you receive the confirmation, you will work as a volunteer in the british health care system. The news was known through the magazine ‘Hello!’ in which the mother of the singer has unveiled the solidary decision of his daughter and does not seem to have been unique in wholeheartedly to help in your country.

His other daughter, Elena also join to the good action of his sister and the like Rita Ora will begin to collaborate with the health service to curb the coronavirus. The work of both will specifically help the most vulnerable population of the country provisionándola of medications, prescriptions and be on the lookout for all those older people who are alone and that now more than ever need the help of others, to be able to withstand in these difficult times.

The work of the singer has been greatly applauded in the social networks by your followers, who have not hesitated even a moment in the show through comments how proud they feel of having a ídola as solidarity, undoubtedly, an example for the society.