Selena Gomez it is being bald! Look at the picture (and takes hours)


selena gomez 1

April 07, 2020
(20:22 CET)

Selena Gomez has been according to the chaotic year 2020 in his personal life, as the revelation that she was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder, sat down like a bomb to its followers. From there he started to have sense how much that cost him to overcome the relationship with Justin Bieber.

To the public it was strange that the singer would continue with his life normally, but she remained standing. But as the problems do not come isolated, but all together, the new difficulty that crosses has to do with your hair, because it seems to be being bald.

In the photo it is shocking the amount of hair that you lack to Sele. With the advanced aesthetic means everything can be hidden, however, no one is expected to suffer this delicate situation.

It is again found that for most networks come close to followers with its stars, you’ll never see the whole truth.

Taking music as the main ally, for sure these hard times will pass sooner than expected.

Selena Gomez Deluxe

Selena is a luxury no doubt, but we’re not talking about this, but the next release of a version Deluxe of his last album.

On one of the surprises of the new material is ready, commented: “It was written long before our current crisis, but in the context of today, I want to make it clear that a bridegroom is not even close to the top of my list of priorities. Like the rest of the world, I pray for safety, unity, and recovery during this pandemic.”

The good news the musical Selena Gomez will be accompanied with a significant donation to face difficult times in humanity: “Because of that, I’m donating personally to the fund of help of COVID-19, as well as donating $1 dollar from each order on my official store at the bottom from now on. Rare (Deluxe), with Boyfriend will come out on the 9th of April.”