Selena Gomez spoke of his singleness, and assured that, for now, take care of the COVID-19 is a top priority


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Just weeks ago Selena Gomez delivered to the public Rare, there is opened to your public in order to explain indirectly the state of health and his “strange” relationship with a love of the past (Justin Bieber, to finish quickly).

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Now through the simple Boyfriend, Selena stressed that, despite what it may seem, has thousands of things in your head, and none of them is “find” a boyfriend.

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The interpreter of 27 years, stated that a boyfriend is the last thing they would think of today, and even more in times of pandemic.

Highlighted throughout his exclusive interview with teenVogue, which for now focuses on healing herself and taking precautions due to the lupus (since it is a chronic health condition, Selena is very vulnerable to the contagions of COVID-19).


Yes, Selena also stated that it is overcoming the recent diagnosis of bipolarity given him by the medical specialist of your confidence.


Therefore, Boyfriend it is a mere straightforward composition recreational. In fact, Gomez has a special message for those who complain about being single in a time of pandemic:

Many of you know that I am excited with the release ‘Boyfriend’. It is a song that is about falling down and getting up again, as many times as necessary in the section on love, ( … ) also affects the idea that you do not need anyone except yourself to be happy.


In particular, Selena added that his most recent piece of music was written long before the outbreaks excessive COVID-19 in EE.UU, but even so, it took on a special meaning in this aspect:

We wrote the song a lot before I started this crisis (COVID-19), but in the circumstances in which we compete, I just want to make clear that having a boyfriend is not among my priorities. The only thing that occupies my mind is that all of us pray for unity, for the health and recovery of all in the midst of this pandemic.


So now you know: if you’re single or unmarried in a time of pandemic, learn to enjoy it. Nor is it necessary to “come out reinvented of the crisis”. It is a pandemic, not a summer course or an opportunity to “flirt”.


What is really important is emphasized from the beginning: take care of yourself, loved ones and follow all the instructions of the health authorities certified to mitigate infections by COVID-19.

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